Imagine the possibilities of a system designed to provide our customers endless opportunities to place their artwork on many materials from textiles to hard goods, through sublimation (vaporization) of special inks from pre-printed paper under the action of heat and pressure. Fabra specializes in the production of paper for the sublimation engineered printing process. Our parent company Fabra SRL was started in Italy 1974. They were the first to use this system and now our name is well known all over the world!

From the beginning we have made quality our number one aim and for this reason we perform all working phases in house in order to have constant control over the entire process through technologically advanced equipment and materials.

We can supply you with two different kinds of paper: Serigraphic and Digital

The papers are printed with our Italian custom built machines and with water based inks we produce in-house.

They are printed in different sizes,  up to 56x72 to better accomodate all your needs.

The digital paper can be printed on roll for any yardage lenght you need.

Fabra is your "one stop shop", we can provide you with paper only or also print your fabric in our domestic and Central America facilities. Do you need more? Let us handle everything and supply you with a full package assembled in our facilities.

No job is too small or too large for us as we can accomodate domestic small production as well as large production runs in Nafta and CAFTA countries.

Today Fabra's products are well known all over the world.

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